Chiropractic Orientation

The Chiropractic Orientation is a time set aside to inform and educate all new practice members, and those who are considering chiropractic care. You will learn the truth about the purpose of chiropractic, what a subluxation is, how chiropractic will improve the body’s ability to function, why chiropractic is about LIFE, and why we use an Honor Fee System. An orientation is held every Wednesday at 7:00pm and other times by appointment.

Anyone who attends a Chiropractic Orientation prior to starting care will receive their initial visit FREE! If you give me your time, I will give you mine.

Cost of Care / Fees:

Our fee system is designed so that third-party payment (health insurance) is completely unnecessary. Not only has the cost of health insurance prevented people from receiving chiropractic, it is not congruent with the chiropractic philosophy. This is why we created a fee system that enables anyone to afford care – the G-P-C System.

Anyone who desires to participate in the G-P-C System must attend a Chiropractic Orientation. For those who do not wish to participate, you may scroll down to the “Standard Fees” section.

The G-P-C System is an Honor Fee System. This system has 3 forms of payment. Each form is equally important, just as each form is equally required to participate in the honor-fee system. The 3 forms of payment are as follows:

Regular Care – It only makes sense to have your spine checked for subluxations as often as you may become subluxated. Most people have enough stresses in their lives to cause them to become subluxated frequently. Therefore, you are required to have your spine checked at a minimum of once a week.

Referring/Sharing Chiropractic – This type of fee system requires a volume of people to sustain it. By referring others, you not only perpetuate the Honor Fee system for yourself, but for every other practice member, too. Anyone who is alive and has a spine may be subluxated. Once you know the Truth about chiropractic, it is your responsibility to share it with others. You may be saving their life. You will definitely be changing it!

Pay the most you can afford – The only criterion for setting your fee is that it is based upon your ability to pay what is within your means. Simply stated, you decide what you can pay. Your means is the disposable income left over after paying for life necessities (rent, food, utilities), not after buying life comforts (a night on the town, new cell phone, cigarettes). Just as you must trust that I will provide you my best while you are on the adjusting table, I must trust that you will provide me with you best when you set your fee.

Standard Fees

If you are unable to participate in the G-P-C system, the following fees will be implemented:

  • Initial Visit $95.00
  • Re-examination $35.00
  • Chiropractic Adjustment $40.00
  • Chiropractic Orientation FREE